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Here you’ll find all the digital art and writing I’ve done to celebrate my appreciation of slutty vixens and lupine hunks.

Digital painting of an anthropomorphic vixen presenting her hindquarters atop a bar table


All of my furry artwork
Digital sketch of the vixen Marcella Gale bent over and presenting her buttocks upon a castle overlook


My furry games with foxy twists
Painting of Krystal and Wolf O'Donnell having anal sex.


Oder your own vixen

Newest Posts

Flat-coloured digital painting of four naked vixens and two equids posing for a holiday backdrop.

Holiday Vixens

Four lush vixens are spreading in sight, four lush choices to spend with a night. Some nip, some lick, some…
Sketch of vixen Andrea sucking off her Komodo dragon boss.

Paperwork Was Boring

There are days when Andrea can’t stop being distracted; paperwork was so boring, her boss didn’t even have to talk…
Painting of Kimahri from Final Fantasy X firing off his seed cannon.

Seed Cannon

It’s Kilika island and Kimahri just learned his second overdrive — the mighty Seed Cannon.
Vixen Phelixia lounging on a beach and showing off her assets.

Beach Hunt

“That Speedo’s starting to look a little tight, cutie.”


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