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Wolf Relic

Here lies a story not for everyone, one full of fear and rape, aimed at those with submissive hearts.
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After a Long Hibernation

With my Muse growing stronger still, the plans are unfolding, some short term, some long term, but for the sake…
Digital painting of an anthropomorphic vixen presenting her hindquarters atop a bar table

Tabletop Vixen

Riling half drunk men is among Marcella’s favourite pastimes, to see them ogle her, hear them berate her, to bask…
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My New Furry Website

It was a long time coming, but with my university studies concluding, my furry website is up and running.
Digital sketch of Marcella Gale spreading her legs and presenting her loose vulva and shapely buttocks

Marcella’s Lure

Marcella Gale being her slutty self and luring knot toting wolves into her chambers.
Digital painting of Horndog D, an anthropomorphic jackal preparing himself for a performance at a nightclub

Aspiring for Performance

A rendition of Horndog D’s Devlin, present at a currently empty bar and preparing for his musical appearance.


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