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Painting of Krystal and Wolf O'Donnell having anal sex.

Krystal Initiation

She thought it would be better, that he’d be different, but all she found was a ravenous wolf.
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True State of Things

I find it a difficult prospect to scrounge motivation for art and writing as of late.
Perched on a Pedestal Painting

Perched on a Pedestal

When the fox / wolf hybrid saw a gaudy vulpine sculpture at a local art gallery, she couldn’t help but …
Digital painting of an indoors poolside gangbang

Poolside Anal

Phelixia is a gal of clear-cut desires – she likes them big, she likes them vocal, and above all else, …
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Wolf Relic

Here lies a story not for everyone, one full of fear and rape, aimed at those with submissive hearts.
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After a Long Hibernation

With my Muse growing stronger still, the plans are unfolding, some short term, some long term, but for the sake …


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