Marcella Gale Character Sheet

Digital character sheet of Marcella Gale, a grey fox courtesan and the protagonist of Diary of a Fox Slut


  • Full name: Marcella Gale
  • Age: 26
  • Sex: Female
  • Height: 167 cm
  • Weight: 68 kg
  • Species: Grey Fox

Marcella could never find herself after she left home at the early age of nineteen years. She travelled most of her home kingdom, Vulsa, and some of the neighbouring kingdoms, but never stuck around for any extended period of time.

She dreams of working as a mercenary, being highly agile and very skilled with a bow, but everyone she approaches for a job just turns her down. Besides doing an odd job here and there she mains as a courtesan, for both her income and pleasure. The grey fox gal has a strong sex drive that not only helps her in the given field, but it also nets her a new mate every other month. Sadly, she never connects with anyone and every meaningful relationship is eventually abandoned.

Despite being talkative and polite when needed, she prefers spending her time alone in the nature, daydreaming and reading literature. She has a strong fixation on dragons, an interest that was sparked by bedtime stories that her mother was reading to her when she was just a child.

After seven years on the road and with no purpose in sight, she desperately needed something to concentrate on, or perhaps just someone that would listen to her without judging. The diary she now keeps may as well be the last attempt to keep herself sane.

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