Vacation Island

Digital painting of a furry vixen coquetting with a handsome white wolf on a beach

It all began with a simple fantasy: where could the ever horny vixen Marcella Gale spend her vacation? An exotic archipelago populated by none but chiselled foxes and wolves was the ideal destination, and since fictional characters don’t have to adhere to anything silly like era and technology constraints, I sent her there right away.

A bikini top was the maximum she could muster to wear, letting her nude vixenhood catch all sorts of hungry gazes, but it were her eyes that caught the ultimate prize — a white furred hunk of an arctic wolf striding the beach.

Digital painting of an arctic wolf fucking Marcella Gale's cunt on a beach

You didn’t think they would just look at each other, did you?

The wolf may have had some second thoughts at first, but Marcella made sure he’d sink into her velvety folds and forget everything else. As a creature of the polar regions, the sun itself was enough to turn him sweaty and wet, but with the slutty fox taking his thick erection, he faced a real danger of evaporation.

Digital painting of a furry vixen licking her lips after receiving a facial cumshot

She said the knot is too big for her, but Marcella only wanted the wolf to mark her face with ejaculate. And he certainly delivered, his knot throbbing as the thick liquid splattered the side of her face and glazed into her eye, giving her a highly distorted, pleasure infused perception of the vacation island.

The last in the series of images, and one that I like the most. There is just something about a vixen proudly wearing the seed of her recent conqueror on her face, dripping down and slowly drying into her fur.

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