My New Furry Website

It was a long time coming, but with my university studies concluded, my furry website is up and running. A subsite to my main website — which was a practical output for both of my theses — all new content and artwork will be posted here first.

Where, what and why?

I aimed to make the basic structure simple and concise, getting to the forefront what matters: the vixens. Upon visiting the website, all new posts are displayed irrespective of category, descending from the newest.

From there, your search through my website can continue upon several paths, be it paintings showcasing lusty vixens, or a category in which particular posts are tidied into. Most important is the website navigation, which can be found in the right part of the website’s heading area:


Where all visual content resides, be it traditional drawings or computer made paintings. It contains a selection of my old work, and my new work is going to be at home here first; all very explicit and wholly anthropomorphic. Quick notes and updates on new visual projects will be in this sub-section as well:


Writing contains two sub sections as well, depending on the wholeness of the content. Drafts are where I post updates on novels and stories I work on, as well as any short stories I post as a part of a series.


Euphemism for a simple blog, a place where I portray the ever churning syntheses of my pesky brain. These will showcase anything tied to the furry realm I find interesting, like games I chance upon and find worthy of playing, or stories and imagery created by other artists:


The last section groups pages of static content, where you can find information on how to support me, a contact form to get in touch with me, and a privacy policy as per GDPR requirements.

Other Profiles

Links to my other profiles can be found above the website navigation, and they will take you to my account pages on the following services:

These contain all of my previous content, and you can choose to follow or interact with me there, if you prefer these services.

New Content Notifications

You can subscribe to my website through the form which is always accessible from the bottom of my website, placed in the footer. While all content eventually trickles down into my other accounts, my website is the first and foremost place I want to share my creative efforts through.

An email notification will arrive in your chosen e-mail inbox whenever a new vixen appears on the website, and unsubscribing from the notifications is always an option. Your e-mail address will be used only for the notifications and nothing else.

Bug Reports & Feedback

The website incorporates a commenting system that allows you to comment on any particular content and start discussions, such as bellow this welcoming article. Contacting me through your chosen website IM system is also an option.

The contact form is the main way to offer me feedback on the website, and let me know of any errors, bugs or even typos that may bug you, and observations on what to improve and change.

That concludes the introduction.

Digital sketch of Marcella Gale spreading her legs and presenting her loose vulva and shapely buttocks

Enjoy a vixen for your efforts. Happy browsing!

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