Poolside Anal

Digital painting of an indoors poolside gangbang

Phelixia is a gal of clear-cut desires – she likes them big, she likes them vocal, and above all else, she wants them all at once. Unlike most new high school transfers, she quickly found all the ropes, and also knots, to come climbing into infamy, but she goes about her prowls a little bit differently than the regular slutty cheerleader.

She had just finished her lessons, bored to her bone, and bumped into a cute if scrawny fella named Rust. It was his idea to show the alluring fox around the campus, and most notably, the indoors pool stadium where all kinds of marine jocks knifed through the water. Phelixia played hard to get, not wanting to be an entirely easy catch, but five minutes was really all the chiselled orca needed to talk the girl into anal, right there, right then.

It’s the best seat in the building, he promised.

A depiction of a recent role-play scene, involving all kinds of depraved kinks and pairings. Me and my lover found it so memorable, I just had to draw the encounter during its most eyebrow raising moment.

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