After a Long Hibernation

With my Muse growing stronger still, the plans are unfolding, some short term, some long term, but for the sake of sanity, I’ll keep things simple. First and foremost, if you still enjoy my content, I thank you greatly, and here are some figments of furry deliciousness to grow hyped for:

  • A short story aimed at submissives, an ageing wolf with a tribal musculature who will sexually abuse anyone bold enough to venture into the story. It is my current active project, a story with second person intermissions, both to explore the form of dark arousal involved with big, domineering males, and to try the viability of a writing style which is heavily frowned upon in non-interactive fiction.
  • The final version of Marcella’s cum soaked diary, also known as Diary of a Fox Slut. The long lasting series of smut, at times juvenile, at others rough around the edges, it nonetheless found its admirers among you. And it shall forever remain in my heart. The final product will be offered as free download on my website as a .PDF and .EPUB file.

I’ll be also making a logo for my non pornographic noir website, along with improving its visual front end, much like I did with this one.

As for myself, I’m certainly in the best spot in life I ever was — whether I jinx that or not, I want to return to my creative venues in a steady, if slow matter. I’ll never be able to match the volume of work a healthy human can dish out, but I’ll concentrate on keeping the distinct personality of my creations alive.

That is what the Muse demands, at the least.

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