Wolf Relic

Here lies a story not for everyone, one full of fear and rape, aimed at those with submissive hearts. The wolves within don’t pull any punches and mark their ownership with urine, so do consider this a fair warning, but if your kinks involve being ordered and used by powerful, bipedal wolves, here you shall find the fulfilment of these dark desires.

This binary forest is also an exercise in using second person narrative, intertwined with more regular storytelling techniques. Dive right in and feel the sort of touch only a rough, knot toting beast can deliver.

The story is experimental in many ways, but if you liked it or have any constructive criticism to make, do not hesitate to do so. I wrote it from a desire to indulge in something more palpable and naturalistic than what can be found in usual fiction — brutish males in many text based smut games are more akin rough dates, or stem from a formulaic design that does not deliver a lasting impact.

Either way, I do hope that submissives among you will find this experience fulfilling.



Alternatively, you can also read the story in its entirety here in the browser, or skim a few pages to see if it is your cup of wolf spiced coffee.

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