Down a Foxhole

You just found her on a chat app. She’s bored, she’s horny, and she finds some of the raunchiest things to talk about.

Who is this mysterious vixen? Will you open up to her, or remain an enigma? Will you treat her like a lady, or take her presence for granted? Be prepared, though – treat her poorly, and she’s more than ready to bite back.

A cheeky, conversation driven game I created in the most straightforward visual novel engine known to bears. Visit the link bellow for a full description and a download link! If you really like the experience, do consider tipping the gal for her company.

The game is an experimental approach to the dating sim genre, trying to add as much of what I miss in other games: interactivity. Presented as a chat app, you’ll get to directly pick responses to steer the conversation, see exactly who this vixen is and even how deep her foxholes go.

I began writing and painting in a wish to make games one day, albeit as the workloads increased, I decided to leave this an unfulfilled desire. Still, interactive mediums remained at the forefront of my interests, and once I got hold of Ren’Py, I couldn’t resist making a talkative vixen to interact with. I’ve experimented with AI chat engines in the past, but lack of documentation and high difficulty curve of getting past random responses was no fun, and so was their propensity for not being much more than fancy choice trees.

Down a Foxhole was a big undertaking for me, one I’ve poured almost two full months into, if not more. Do share your thoughts on the game, and what could be improved, and perhaps even reassure me that expanding this proof of concept into future games is what I should concentrate on.

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