Rumblings From the Burrows #1

Returning with a new update, and a favour to ask. My recent efforts were not in vain, so I do hold a more cheerful tone.

The Favour

Main part of my plan, before I derailed myself with Down a Foxhole, was to finish up my commission rates. I kindly ask anyone who’s willing to help me set up my pricing, and knows artists of skill and style comparable to mine whose pricing sheets I could consult, please do let me know in any form you see fit.

I’ve created a commission form to calculate estimate prices, along with examples for each option. Perhaps a bit overcomplicated, but I always prefer those interactive solutions.

The Update

This be where the actual rumblings begin. To address the moist vixen in the room, the game I whipped out of nowhere in Ren’Py, Down a Foxhole, was completely unplanned. I experimented with Ren’Py after I came across it in several adult games. The initial simplicity of the game engine really hooked me into prototyping some ideas, and before long, Andrea came to be.

I may be moving my writing entirely into the gaming world in the future. Of course, writing a narrative that twists and turns according to player choices and dialogue trees is exponentially harder, but the prospect of interactivity has me giddy. Andrea also brought in a lot of new traffic to my art and website, which is wonderful on its own. I won’t be dedicating myself to a new gaming venue yet, as even my little proof of concept swallowed almost two full months of my time, and there are those other things to finish first.

Krystal’s fan-art piece did quite nicely as well. I do have to confess, I’ve never played any of the Starfox games, but the blue furred vixen Krystal was one of the major pulls that got me to appreciate fuzzy beasts of either sex. The subject matter is quite rough, and may not sit well with some, but I can’t help it. Pairing unlikely characters together has its own allure, and I already have some matchmaking prospects from games I actually played.

That brings me to a project I have in the works, which I’d like to finish up once I finalize my commission pricing sheet. I know it won’t do as good as Krystal and her initiation did, mainly because it’s a solo piece, but the amount of art depicting Kimahri from FFX is criminally low. That has to be rectified.

Thank you for reading, and back into my burrow I go.

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