Rumblings From the Burrows #2

A short and quick rumble from the bearish den. I’m advancing in life and my creativity is firmly a hobby now, but I continue my desire to create raunchy content.


I’m using PostyBirb now to post to a lot more accounts. As a matter of fact, this is the first journal I’m posting like that. So if it is garbled, now you know why. I’m resurrecting my Weasyl account for that reason, and wiggling into Itaku as well.

Carnal AI Bots

I’ve been experimenting with AI bots on SpicyChat, and am presenting my collection of sluts and studs to interact with: AI Bots. A lot of them are for submissives and can dominate something fierce, so you’ve been warned.


I’ve finished one commission this year, and am even working on another one! It’s a slow progress, but given how much anxiety I have dealing with creativity, this is quite the milestone for me.

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