Digital painting of an overly endowed anthropomorphic ferret in an urban setting.

Urban Ferret

His name is René and he drives a Peugeot, but as can be clearly seen, he don’t need to buy…
Digital painting of a sweaty, anthropomorphic, naked Pegasus.

Pegasus After Flight

Here be a mighty Pegasus! Rare sighting of a mythical beast whose strength is immense and stamina endless, photographed at…
Flat-coloured digital painting of four naked vixens and two equids posing for a holiday backdrop.

Holiday Vixens

Four lush vixens are spreading in sight, four lush choices to spend with a night. Some nip, some lick, some…
Sketch of vixen Andrea sucking off her Komodo dragon boss.

Paperwork Was Boring

There are days when Andrea can’t stop being distracted; paperwork was so boring, her boss didn’t even have to talk…
Painting of Kimahri from Final Fantasy X firing off his seed cannon.

Seed Cannon

It’s Kilika island and Kimahri just learned his second overdrive — the mighty Seed Cannon.
Vixen Phelixia lounging on a beach and showing off her assets.

Beach Hunt

“That Speedo’s starting to look a little tight, cutie.”
Painting of Krystal and Wolf O'Donnell having anal sex.

Krystal Initiation

She thought it would be better, that he’d be different, but all she found was a ravenous wolf.
Perched on a Pedestal Painting

Perched on a Pedestal

When the fox / wolf hybrid saw a gaudy vulpine sculpture at a local art gallery, she couldn’t help but…
Digital painting of an indoors poolside gangbang

Poolside Anal

Phelixia is a gal of clear-cut desires – she likes them big, she likes them vocal, and above all else,…
Digital painting of an anthropomorphic vixen presenting her hindquarters atop a bar table

Tabletop Vixen

Riling half drunk men is among Marcella’s favourite pastimes, to see them ogle her, hear them berate her, to bask…
Digital sketch of Marcella Gale spreading her legs and presenting her loose vulva and shapely buttocks

Marcella’s Lure

Marcella Gale being her slutty self and luring knot toting wolves into her chambers.
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