Perched on a Pedestal Painting

Perched on a Pedestal

When the fox / wolf hybrid saw a gaudy vulpine sculpture at a local art gallery, she couldn’t help but …
Digital painting of an indoors poolside gangbang

Poolside Anal

Phelixia is a gal of clear-cut desires – she likes them big, she likes them vocal, and above all else, …
Digital painting of an anthropomorphic vixen presenting her hindquarters atop a bar table

Tabletop Vixen

Riling half drunk men is among Marcella’s favourite pastimes, to see them ogle her, hear them berate her, to bask …
Digital sketch of Marcella Gale spreading her legs and presenting her loose vulva and shapely buttocks

Marcella’s Lure

Marcella Gale being her slutty self and luring knot toting wolves into her chambers.
Digital painting of Horndog D, an anthropomorphic jackal preparing himself for a performance at a nightclub

Aspiring for Performance

A rendition of Horndog D’s Devlin, present at a currently empty bar and preparing for his musical appearance.
Digital painting of an anthropomorphic panther smiling in love, ready to pounce a stubby bear tail

To Gnaw Upon Passion

A drawing for that someone special in my life – because there is no greater showing of love than to …
Digital sketch of the timid wolf Amand showing off his lupine penis

Two Spears

The expelled tribal wolf Amand, with both of his spears freely on display and jutting outward.
Digital sketch of the vixen Marcella Gale bent over and presenting her buttocks upon a castle overlook

Jealous Fox

Marcella bends over under a balcony arch and presents you that which she believes you should be looking at.
Digital sketch of a furry wolf receiving a footjob from his vixen girlfriend

Lusty Hind Paws

The vixen’s soft feet slid to and fro across the wolf’s spent length, seed ejaculated glistening on her luxurious fur.
Digital painting of an anthropomorphic couple, a fox and a wolf, making rough love in a decrepit old mill

Conquering Amidst Decay

Marcella teases her lover Amand on a daily basis, but when she is in her heat cycle, just the simple …
Digital painting of a lynx morph Kaliendra relaxing and overlooking her desert kingdom of Abun

Queen of Abun

Kaliendra is a ruler fully aware of her sexuality, not afraid to involve her body in aplenty diplomatic impasses, if …
Digital sketch of an anthropomorphic vixen posing on outdoor stone steps

Seductive Vixen Form Exercise

Drawing exercises can drag on a bit, but if a shapely red fox poses for the artist, they rightly speed …
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