Content portraying explicit sexual acts and genitalia

Digital painting of an anthropomorphic vixen presenting her hindquarters atop a bar table

Tabletop Vixen

Riling half drunk men is among Marcella’s favourite pastimes, to see them ogle her, hear them berate her, to bask in the raw glory of being the most easy thing they met the night.

Digital painting of an anthropomorphic couple, a fox and a wolf, making rough love in a decrepit old mill

Conquering Amidst Decay

Marcella teases her lover Amand on a daily basis, but when she is in her heat cycle, just the simple swaying of her tail is enough to turn the otherwise civil wolf man into an uncontrollable hunk of growls and spears.

Digital painting of a lynx morph Kaliendra relaxing and overlooking her desert kingdom of Abun

Queen of Abun

Kaliendra is a ruler fully aware of her sexuality, not afraid to involve her body in aplenty diplomatic impasses, if the situation and participants allow for it.

Digital painting of a furry vixen coquetting with a handsome white wolf on a beach

Vacation Island

It all began with a simple fantasy: where could the ever horny vixen Marcella Gale spend her vacation?
A series of images showcasing exactly how such a scenario plays out.